the artist
pjL 2007
Caudron's paintings are based on a perfect match between the diverse structures of motifs - through skies forcefully crushed to grounds which offer surprising perspectives - and, while the artist is wandering on the chromatic scale with enthralling boldness, there is nothing he dares not do. Such balance in his works allows the eye to travel nowhere else than on the painted surface and trace the detail of some knife-shaped pattern which clears the space for flat tints so that the eye is focused on what is of the essence. The way the surface is used purifies to the greatest degree the subject, made even more obvious by dismissing any ornament. Such a feeling of the painting, such a magnificent spirit can rarely be seen and the combination of the two render a dazzling result, which makes one, under the spell, forget that is was achieved thanks to extreme rigour. Caudron always remains himself on a much meaningful path. Having met his works, the eye is marked by an everlasting sense of precaution ...
Artist Didier Caudron was born in Northern France in 1947 while being fond of Southern France's sunlight. Lover of character homes and out of proportion rooms, former glider pilot, passionate about sailing, gliding as well as reading, Didier Caudron spends most of his time between the Indre and the Var. He is a doctor of medicine but as a self-taught painter, he has been exhibiting his works for the last two decades.
Didier Caudron